KitoKi meaning “Wood and Wood” is a 10-story steel-framed reinforced concrete structure office building. However, the special part of this building is that it is a wooden hybrid structure wherein two of every three stories are made of wood. As a result, the weight of the entire building can be reduced significantly and at the same time it can be easily adaptable for future renovations.

henrik–innovation carried out the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the construction. This assessment revealed that the use of domestic timber for the building material contributed to an approx. 25% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional steel-framed reinforced concrete structure. The major reduction in the building’s carbon footprint is an important element to show the new possibilities of timber utilization in the building industry in Tokyo.


Client: Heiwa Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Design and construction: ADX
Life cycle assessment: henrik-Innovation
Photo: Hyo Yikin