henrik•innovation is proactive and focuses on delivering exactly the consulting providing the best value for our customers and partners throughout the duration of the project.

For henrik•innovation good engineering consultancy is the close collaboration with customers and project partners focusing on value creation, trust and mutual respect. Our core competencies are the early stages of the projects, where we proactively seek to create the best possible link between our customers visions and expectations and integrated design of function, architectural designs and engineering solutions.

We view technical solutions as means and not goals. We are not afraid to explore alternative solutions and challenge common solutions, since we have all the necessary skills, tools and experience to judge the pros and cons of new ideas – and keeping the focus on the value creation for the customers and end-users which ultimately determines whether the project is successful or not.

Many years of collaboratioon on projects with prestigious architects and specialists have taught us to think out of the box, and find new solutions, where traditional solutions come short. We always explore the deepest professional knowledge and understanding, and we dare to ask the “foolish questions” to challenge the prerogative of a task or come up with “wild” ideas, which sometimes can tricker the whole team to think creatively and find brand new solutions and principles.

From the earliest phases

Unfortunately, many engineering companies tend to wait passively for the architects to come up with comprehensive concepts, before they provide engineering input. As a result, the engineers often provide their input too late, causing many changes for the architects, which could have been avoid with an earlier engagement.

In henrik•innovation, we seek to contribute from day one, and consider all building designs as a close interdisciplinary process, where all disciplines are active from the start. We believe the art of engineering consultancy is to provide exactly the knowledge needed for the rest of the team to built upon at every stage of the design development. Each time a design team comes “out of sync”, someone uses his or her time in the wrong way, and either delivers too little or too detailed input to the process.

At henrik•innovation we constantly seek to improve our ability to delivering greatest possible value to architects and the rest of the design team and are devoted to improve the process to achieve the best possible results.