henrik-innovation ApS is a consulting engineering company with special focus on energy, indoor climate and sustainability in buildings. We contribute from the earliest stages of the projects with conceptual development, analysis, management and documentation. We also assist companies in this field with business- and product development and transition to circular economical business models.

Low energy workshop for building professionals from Japan

Henrik-Innovation held in February a workshop in best-practice of low energy and sustainable buildings for building professionals from Japan. The workshop, which was led by Henrik Sørensen (Henrik) and translated from English to Japanese by Tomonori Makita (Maki) was held in Indretningsfabrikken facilities on Vesterbro in Copenhagen and its purpose was to showcase examples from Danish building style of low energy building and inspire a more traditional approach to construction through presentations and group assignments.
One of the workshops focal points was the relation between artificially/ mechanically vs. naturally fulfilled needs for correct amount of lighting, fresh air and comfortable indoor temperature. The relationship between these factors is illustrated below in figure 1, where the outer circle illustrates the total need for fore each of the three categories in a given building project and the inner circle illustrates the artificially/ mechanically part hereof. In the case of low energy buildings the inner circle is minimized as much as possible.

The relationship between Passive and Active design towards light, temperature and ventilation


Agorahaverne is an apartment complex, which is built for senior citizens, who would like to have a quality life based on sustainability and shared life values. The building is surrounded by the wild nature and located in the suburb of Slagelse, west side of Sjælland. This building complex has ​​about 5,000 m2 and 1-3 stories of stacking moduled building blocks into 75 flats which is surrounding a large atrium with a large transparent roof.

The indoor climate of the atrium is set to be moderately warm, as like the Mediterranean climate, that means the residents can enjoy various activities throughout the year. The atrium is not regarded as a room, therefore it does not have to meet the Danish building regulation which is strictly required the indoor comfort. However, it is essential to avoid condensation and frost on the surface of the floor during the cold season. In addition, over heating during the warm season should also be avoided.

We examined whether these conditions could be achieved by using an only passive strategy such as natural ventilation through the skylight and the entrance, daylight, ground heat and heat emission from the residents. Our technical recommendation will be used in the making by the architects.

Agorahaverne is aiming to achieve the gold award in DGNB in Denmark, which is based on the German environmental standard DGNB.


Tunnelfabrikken was the largest ship container in Nordhavn, which is 261 meters long and 125 meters wide. The plan is to renovate the container to cultural central in Nordhavn which consists over 18,000 square meters of floor area with workshops, office, meeting rooms, residents, and concert hall. Henrik-innovation is a part of the project team and contribute to ensure indoor comfort based on the sustainability and energy saving solution.

Floating bird observation hide completed

henrik•innovation is the project manager for “Innovative Bird Observation Hide”-project, which we won in a competition published by Realdania, the Birdlife Protection Foundation and Aage V. Jensen Foundation. The project team consists of Holscher Design A/S, Biotope (N) and Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers A/S.

In the project we develop a new type of floating bird observation hide, that allows the users to reach the birds’ aquatic environment closely behind a mirror glass window without disturbing them.

The first hide will be located in Tryggelev Nor on Langeland, and subsequently the team hopes to realize similar hides at other locations in Denmark or other countries.

Tokyo 2018

Last month,  henrik•innovation traveled to Japan for visiting several engineers, architects, professors, business persons and local authorities. We had several presentations and lectures.

It was very meaningful to us to discuss about the challenges toward sustainability, indoor comfort and circular economy.

Thank you for the all attendances, we are getting close to our dream collaborations.

Henrik Sørensen talks about the challenges toward the Japanese market and calls Nordic collaborators.
Byggeeksport/Mandag Morgen News

Henrik Sørensen says ‘We try to combine our knowledge and experience about sustainability and energy efficiency to Japan that rises the demands, however it seems to have shortage of the players. We have several Japanese visitors in our office, Copenhagen. I can see that the Japanese younger generations have clearly different expectation for the energy efficiency, environment and indoor comfort.

For more information visits: Byggeksport

We hosted a workshop with Takenaka research & development institution

henrik • innovation hosted a workshop with Japanese company, Takenaka research & development institution. The workshop focused on the indoor comfort and construction technology. We presented case studies each other and discussed how we could make it better.

The biggest achievement of the workshop was to understand different approaches toward indoor comfort.

Consequently, we will continue the series of workshops between Denmark and Japan, that we can learn, inspire and motivate each other. We believe that is very healthy relationship towards further collaborations.

Konnichiwa! Our Japanese website is now online

henrik • innovation is committed to expanding the relationship with Japanese business partners in the energy and sustainable construction. The 1st of February, we have opened our Japanese website, which tells about the company, our services and special knowledge to offer to the Japanese market.

As one of the very few consulting engineering companies in Denmark, we have the opportunity to communicate and deliver our consulting services directly to Japanese, and we are grateful to work with other companies wishing to solve tasks in the Japanese market.

Prequalification: Kulturgården Hvidore

henrik • innovation has been prequalified as part of the team led by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects in the competition for Kulturgården in Hvidovre

Other team members include: Sinuz Engineering Consulting, Julie Kirkegaard Landscape Architects, Ole Vanggaard Engineering Consultancy, Gade & Mortensen Acoustics, and Finn Reinbothe, visual artist.

Vision from the program: “The development of the Cultural Foundation on Risbjerggård Foundation is on the first stage in the development of Hvidovre City Center. The cultural heritage should act as a ‘ generator’ and main attraction for investment in the area with the theater Vestvolden. The quality and design of the building should set the standard for the whole urban architecture, and build upon the story of Risbjerggård to experience the space culturally through generations. “

We are one of the prequalified teams and other teams are led by such as 3XN, Primus, Cubo and Vandkunsten among 35 entries

Wins! - Waterculture House on Paper island

Kengo Kuma and Associates, Cornelius + Vöge in cooperation with Søren Jensen Advisory Engineering and Henrik • Innovation, Claus Riis Akustik and Rambøll as sub consultants. The winner was announced for the major competition for Copenhagen’s new Water Culture House on Paper island. In the crucial dialogue phase there were two teams left. The other team is led by BIG.

henrik • innovation has participated throughout the process and contributed to the overall energy, indoor climate and sustainability strategy. We also committed to the need for the economy, process and risk management in the project.

In particular, the installations were highlighted in the report: “The synthesis of the high-ceiling interior spaces and the hybrid ventilation solutions are estimated to produce  major advantages. The natural buoyancy in the large spaces is utilized for a simple, non-technical solution. By doing so, these technical aspects of the house function as internal quality. It is estimated that the technical installations are thought together with the physical grip. ”

“It is nice that the jury agrees with these qualities in the project – that is precisely what we are striving for ” says Henrik Sørensen after the publication of the winning announcement at Copenhagen City Hall earlier today.

The project will start on the 2nd of January. This will be Kengo Kuma team’s second project in Denmark after the realization of the new H.C. Andersen Museum in Odense.

Merry christmas and happy new year!

henrik•innovation welcomed new exciting staffs; Marianne and Maki. We participated in the competition for Water Culture House on Paper island, new collaboration with the University of Stratchlyde. We would be working on  exciting assignments for a number of new major customers and launching cooperation in the Japanese market.

We wish all customers and business partners a happy Christmas and happy new year.

We have got a new homepage

We have made a brand new homepage with much more contents about our latest projects and green buildings in Denmark and International. At the same time, we have made a Japanese homepage that is aimed to expand our energy and indoor comfort strategy to Japan.

Working collaboration with ESRU - University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UK)

henrik•innovation closed collaboration with Prof. Joe Clarke’s team at the Energy Systems Research Unit at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, to build advanced dynamic simulation models in ESP-r. The tool that utililise is the most advanced international softwares that include full dynamic energy simulations, indoor climate, CFD airflows, moisture transport and photorealistic simulations of daylight conditions.

Build2Perform – Conferrence in London

As an affiliate member of CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) in Great Britain, we participated in this year’s Build2Perform conference in London. It was meaningful to update all the latest information among building simulation, measurements, BIM, simulations and facility management.

Member of RoboCluster

henrik•innovation has become member of the innovation network RoboCluster hosted by the University of South Denmark. The network unite Danish competencies withing R&D and design of robot technology. Especially within the building sector the use of robot technology is expected to course mange changes. A development we follow closely at henrik•innovation and where we contribute to sharing ideas and engage in collaboration with leading experts on the field.

Furesø new town hall inaugurated

With the festive choir singing, among the large public attendance, the new Furesø Town Hall opened last Saturday. The new extension project has been completed by Anker Hansen A/S, with Nord Arkitekter and Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers as advisors. henrik•innovation was subconsultant to Søren Jensen. Our contribution started from the competition phase to the main project involving ventilation strategy and solar shading. The use of space-saving textile channels and interior reflective solar shading helped to create a comfortable indoor climate and low energy consumption.

Indoor climate consulting for Absalon

henrik•innovation advises Absalon University College in Roskilde about the strategy for energy savings and improvement of indoor climate. We have completed thermal imaging camera investigation and planning the implementation of various experiments with sunscreen optimisation.

New staffs

Tomonori Makita as an energy and indoor climate engineer, and Marianne Brehmer Schou as a bookkeeper started to work in henrik • innovation in the summer.

Kistefosdammens Kinderhage prize

Future built (N) has chosen Kistefosdammens Kinderhage as a model project for 2017. CCO won the competition in collaboration with Moe (N, constructions) and henrik•innovation (energy, indoor climate and sustainability), where a number of new ideas for energy efficient decentralised ventilation, daylight and indoor climate regulation were introduced.

Framework agreement with Vugge to Vugge ApS

henrik•innovation has entered into a framework agreement with Vugge til Vugge ApS as a permanent partner regarding consultancy on business development and energy conditions for companies that convert to green business models.

Guest teacher at the building economics education

Henrik Sørensen teaches this year  at the Economics and Business Administration on total economics and sustainability. At this time, with a special focus on value creation that green construction adds to builders, investors and other stakeholders. The education not only provides recognized competence in the Danish market, but is also recognized in the international RICS.