SANU 2nd Home

SANU 2nd Home is a subscription service to a series of cabins located amidst nature creating a new lifestyle offered to guests wishing to escape the city. SANU intents to build up to 50 cabins in seven sites by the summer of 2022. All projects are conveniently located just outside the big city of Tokyo and meant for users to recharge in the stillness of nature, be it by the ocean, the mountains or lakes bordering right up to national park lands.

Consisting of domestically produced timber and recycled concrete, the design is environmentally friendly and can easily be dismantled and reused elsewhere. SANU 2nd Home cabins make for the perfect home-away-from-home for people who aspire to bring nature into their everyday lives, with a peaceful space to focus on their work, and the perfect home base for their outdoor activities.
The cabins are designed with own bathroom along with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and workspace in one open room with large windows in one façade overlooking the balcony and the scenery right outside.

henrik-innovation has helped with the LCA analysis determining the reduced size of the carbon footprint and moreover how many trees needs to be planted for the project to be carbon neutral. As a result, we plant more than 7,500 trees which is equivalent to the amount of the timbers for 50 cabins. This also means that these planted trees will catch 4,600 tons of carbon dioxide within the 50 years from planted to harvest and thereby accumulate more carbon than being emitted during project production! This project indicated one of the ways to build sustainable buildings in the future .