Nordisk Hygge Circle Ugakei will be completed soon.

Nordisk Hygge Circle Ugakei will be completed soon.

The construction of the Ugakei Hygge Circles in Inabe City, Mie Prefecture, Japan, which combines the rich nature of Japan with the idea of ‘hygge’ from Denmark, is in progress smoothly and will soon be finished.

The Danish ambassador in Japan also recently visited the construction site. The ambassador was intrigued by the constructions and looks forward to the completion of this new outdoor facility very much.

The project is all about the cross-border partnership between Denmark and Inabe city. The project that aims to re-recognize the importance of nature and eco-tourism through the Sustainable Development Goals set out by UN, and will be completed soon.


Client: Nordisk

Design Team
Architect: Third Nature
Structural engineer: Structured Environment
Environmental engineer: henrik-innovation

Photo: Ayano Miyamura

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Tomonori Makita

Tomonori Makita

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