Author: Tomonori Makita

We won!

Two of our Japanese projects SANU and Kitoki won the most excellent award, the Ministry of Environment prize and Encouragement prize, for the 2022 Wood Design Award in Japan. We ...

Kitoki – Life cycle assessment for high rise building in Tokyo

This is a new possibility of using wood for urban high-rise buildings.

Nordisk Hygge Circle Ugakei will be completed soon.

The center house and two cabins were completed, and final inspection was conducted. The Danish ambassador also visited this site the other day…

SANU 2nd Home

Sanu is a lifestyle brand, envisioning a world where people and nature coexist.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Nordisk Hygge Circles, Ugakei, Japan

The design team recently attended the groundbreaking ceremony for our Nordisk Hygge Circles Ugakei near Inabe, Japan. The groundbreaking ceremony (Jichin sai 地鎮祭) was performed according to the Japanese tradition. ...

Ibihaverne apartment project completed

Ibihaven is the first in a series of apartment communities (Agorahaverne) with large common areas in the form of a central, naturally conditioned atrium. The project recently finished and its ...

Floating bird observation hide completed

henrik•innovation was the project manager for the “Innovative Bird Observation Hide”-project, which was a competition project realized in collaboration with Holscher Design A/S, Biotope (N) and Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers ...


Tunnelfabrikken was originally build as a temporary factory where the tunnel elements for the connection between Denmark and Sweden was casts. Tunnelfabrikken has an impressive size of 261 m long ...

Ugakei Hygge Circles

Co-working together with danish architects Third Nature and Japanese engineers Structured Environment. We won a competition in Japan.


Agorahaverne is an apartment complex for senior citizens who would like to have a quality life based on sustainability and shared life values.