Agorahaverne is an apartment complex, which is built for senior citizens, who would like to have a quality life based on sustainability and shared life values. The building is surrounded by the wild nature and located in the suburb of Slagelse, west side of Sjælland. This building complex has ​​about 5,000 m2 and 1-3 stories of stacking moduled building blocks into 75 flats which is surrounding a large atrium with a large transparent roof.

The indoor climate of the atrium is set to be moderately warm, as like the Mediterranean climate, that means the residents can enjoy various activities throughout the year. The atrium is not regarded as a room, therefore it does not have to meet the Danish building regulation which is strictly required the indoor comfort. However, it is essential to avoid condensation and frost on the surface of the floor during the cold season. In addition, over heating during the warm season should also be avoided.

We examined whether these conditions could be achieved by using an only passive strategy such as natural ventilation through the skylight and the entrance, daylight, ground heat and heat emission from the residents. Our technical recommendation will be used in the making by the architects.

Agorahaverne is aiming to achieve the gold award in DGNB in Denmark, which is based on the German environmental standard DGNB.