Benex metal manufacturing company in Nagasaki, Japan

henrik•innovation is involved in another exciting project in Japan, where a metal factory is undergoing renovation and the energy consumption is being optimized with efficient solutions. This is done in collaboration with the Japanese architectural firm INTERMEDIA.

The project commenced with a visit to the factory in the summer of 2023 to inspect this special project. The working environment was marked by the factory’s numerous metal processing machines, leading to high temperatures, airborne metal dust pollution, and noise. Additionally, the factory’s location in southern Japan contributed to high humidity and extremely hot summer temperatures.

The visit to the factory also aimed to gain an overview of how the different work zones function together on a daily basis for the employees, as well as how new installations can be integrated without disrupting existing work routes or crossing cranes and other machinery. We also inspected the current installations to identify those that do not require replacement, thereby avoiding unnecessary construction waste and achieving the most sustainable outcome.

The factory exhibited many improvised solutions that had been added over time, along with a lack of cohesive installation design, resulting in a significant energy demand despite an unsatisfactory working environment. henrik•innovation is responsible for the new comprehensive energy optimization plan and for creating a healthy and productive work environment for the employees.